zondag 13 juli 2008


I got this lovely handspun yarn from her. The yarn was 2 colour plied and had a pretty repetition of colours . I wanted to accentuate the way the colours worked in the yarn, they had a kind of rythm to them. So I came up with summerbreeze. A very simpel knitted in the round top or dress. That all depends on how much yardage you have!

Yarn: aran weight probably, wool. I guess any yarn will do but I like the way the stitch sets off the self striping pattern and two colour plying in this particular yarn.

: circular 4 mm /6 mm

Yardage: 120 meter (131 yards). This is enough for a top for a 4 year old. I wanted to make a dress, but ran out of yarn. So more yardage makes a dress, less makes a top. Both cute!

Measurements: I made this summerbreeze for my 4 year old girl

Use smaller needles. Cast on 96, place stitchmarker. Start knitting in the round
Knit 7 cm (2,8 inches) in 1-1 rib.
Use bigger needles knit the following four rounds untill you run out of yarn
Round 1: *yarn over, k2tog*
Round 2: knit all
Round 3: knit one*yarn over, k2tog* knit one
Round 4: knit all

Bind off.

I used elastic biasband to make the straps and used buttons for decorative use. Offcourse you can also knit I-cords and use these as straps. I crossed the straps in the back, that's why I liked the elastic biasband.

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Olga zei

heel mooi zeg! Voor jou of je dochter trouwens? Nina draagt het jurkje nu nog steeds, maar dan als truitje, past nog steeds perfect!